Being a prerequisite for employment and career advancement, a degree qualification is hotly sought after in today’s evolving job market. As a leading non-local degree programme operator, SHAPE provides an extensive array of internationalised study options for sub-degree holders who aspire to pursue degree and master’s qualifications. The awards we confer are highly competitive and widely recognised.

SHAPE has currently entered into collaboration with 14 universities from the UK, Australia, Mainland China and Hong Kong with over 50 programmes on offer, covering an extensive spectrum of eight areas of study, namely Accounting and Finance, Applied Science, Business and Management, Childcare, Elderly and Community Services, Computing and Information Technology, Design, Engineering as well as Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure. Our programmes are offered on both full-time and part-time modes, ranging from a duration of 12 months to 32 months, to accommodate the varied learning needs and paces of students. The programmes are quality assured and accredited by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications and pitched at Level 5 of the Qualifications Framework, rendering the award equivalent to the qualification of a locally-accredited bachelor’s degree. One piece of further good news is the offer of master’s degree programmes from this year onwards, adding value to our programme options and further strengthening our articulation pathway.

Apart from our quality programmes, your learning experience will be enriched by our purpose-built and thriving campuses at IVE / HKDI, as well as a global mix of teaching staff from our partner universities and SHAPE. We have robust learning support in place to guide you through your hectic but rewarding year of studying. We are here to inspire, to enlighten, to illuminate a future path, and to open the door of opportunity for you. In the near future, SHAPE will undoubtedly continue its efforts to enhance and explore further collaboration with more world-renowned universities, maximising the value of our provisions and adding significance to your award.

I invite you to read up on the prospectus and find a programme well suited to your aspirations.

Gladys Yam
School for Higher and Professional Education


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