The non-local top-up degree and master’s degree programmes offered by SHAPE in collaboration with the overseas partner universities are registered under the Non-local Higher and Professional Education (Regulation) Ordinance Cap. 493.  SHAPE and the partner universities will collectively fulfil the obligations and commitments to all students enrolled in the programme before they complete their studies.

Use of Application Information

Personal data provided in the application form will be used solely for admission and be handled by SHAPE and university partners authorised to receive it.

Application forms and supporting documents of unsuccessful applicants will be disposed of after the completion of the admission exercise.

Application forms and supporting documents of successful applicants will become part of the student file and the data will thereafter be handled by SHAPE and university partners authorised to receive it.

In accordance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, applicants have the right to request access to, and the corrections of their personal data. Applicants wishing to access or make corrections to their data should submit written requests to SHAPE.

Programme Fees

All programme fees for Academic Year 2017/18 shown on this website are indicative only and are subject to review.

General Refund Policy

All fees paid are normally non-refundable unless the programme is cancelled.

Cancellation of Programmes

SHAPE reserves the right to cancel any programmes.  Fees already paid will be refunded.

Campus Location

SHAPE reserves the right to change the campus locations of the programmes on offer before class commencement if so required.


Applicants will be notified by mail or phone if they are required to attend an interview.

Programme Commencement Date

The commencement date for individual programmes varies.  Please refer to programme information for details.


Intellectual Property Policy

(a) Intellectual Property

“Intellectual Property” means any discovery, creation, invention, design, get-up, trade mark, know-how or any research effort and all rights pertaining thereto whether registrable or not including patents, copyright, trade marks, designs, utility models, moral or other such rights in any country. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) are legal rights protecting the creator of IP, giving him/her economic rights and control in his/her creations. 


Important and valuable Intellectual Property may be generated by students as a result of their involvement in assignments and projects, in which teachers play an important role. Ideas and concepts from these assignments and projects could be very practical and novel, and could be adopted for commercial use. Furthermore, to complete these assignments and projects, students make use of consumables, computer hardware or software, or other facilities owned or operated by VTC or its member institutions. In consideration for all these benefits contributed by VTC toward the creation of Intellectual Property, it is just and equitable for a student to provide the following undertaking to VTC.


(b) Student's Obligations and Warranty

Whilst the student still owns his/her IPR, each student irrevocably grants VTC a perpetual, royalty-free, world-wide non-exclusive right to reproduce or use (in whole or in part) any Intellectual Property materials (including their adaptations) created by him/her solely or jointly with other person or persons during his/her course of study. Such right to use shall include the right to sub-license. The student warrants that the Intellectual Property materials shall be original and do not infringe any third party’s proprietary and intellectual property rights. Each student undertakes to promptly report to VTC if he/she knows or has reason to believe that the right of the Intellectual Property materials belongs to someone else solely or jointly with him/her.


Each student further undertakes to follow the policy, rules and regulations issued or to be issued or revised by VTC and its member institutions from time to time. Each student understands that adherence thereto is a condition of continued enrolment and graduation.

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