SHAPE strives to nurture talents for the future workforce.

Having a recognised qualification is essential for career development. As a leading non-local degree programme operator in Hong Kong, SHAPE provides opportunities for sub-degree holders and working adults to pursue further study at degree and master's levels.

With 13 partner universities from the UK, Australia and Mainland China, SHAPE is currently offering over 50 programmes covering a wide range of professions in eight areas of study: Accounting and Finance; Applied Science; Business and Management; Childcare, Elderly and Community Services; Computing and Information Technology; Design; Engineering; as well as Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure.

Our top-up degree programmes are tailor-made for sub-degree holders. Furthermore, we provide both full-time and part-time programmes that enable you to obtain a degree in one to three years at your own pace. Accredited by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications, our programmes are quality assured and the award that you will receive is pitched at Level 5 of the Qualifications Framework which is equivalent to the level of the qualification of a locally-accredited bachelor's degree. Some of our programmes are also recognised by professional bodies in related industries.

Apart from top-up degree programmes, our part-time master's degree programmes offer you opportunities in pursuing lifelong learning, enhancing your professional knowledge and strengthening your competitive edge in your career development.

SHAPE values your learning experience. With a global mix of teaching staff from our partner universities and SHAPE, you will benefit from international knowledge exchange and transfer. During your study, you can enjoy using the comprehensive learning facilities, sport facilities, as well as the learning support services for SHAPE students at our purpose-built and thriving campuses at IVE and HKDI. With over 15 years of experience in offering non-local degree programmes, we are confident in providing you a fruitful and rewarding learning journey.

I encourage you to read up on our various programmes in this prospectus and select the one well-suited to your career goals. I look forward to welcoming you soon.

Prof Simpson Poon
School for Higher and Professional Education


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