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Designed to offer specialist knowledge and training in jewellery, this programme enables you to gain hands-on experience in materials and processes while preparing you for career opportunities in the creative industry. This programme will help you to develop their your creative practice through working in a supportive specialist studio learning environment, where you will learn to identify and solve problems in jewellery and metalwork as well as other design industries. With a strong vocational focus that encourages innovation and creativity, the programme will stimulate you to learn through exploring and experimenting with ideas and materials. It is also aimed that you can develop their own personal line of enquiry.


Programme Features

High ranking
SHU is ranked 13th in the UK for Fashion and Textile (The Guardian University Guide 2022).

Studio learning
The teaching and learning strategy centres on the design studio and the graduation design project.  The studio provides an environment which nurtures the emerging creative culture among students and to build peer exchange as part of this culture.  

The studio is equipped with jewellery benches and metalwork tools.  You can also make use of the specialist facilities at the Hong Kong Design Institute campus to create your works.  

Career competence
You will create a distinctive portfolio of work that demonstrates your unique strengths to prospective employers in the jewellery industry, design and creative enterprise.

Winners of competitions
We support you to enter design competitions.  Many of our students have taken part in public design competitions and achieved very good results, such as Champion of 39th Watch & Clock Design Competition, and Champion of 19th Hong Kong Jewellery Design Competition.

You will have opportunities to exhibit your work through curating student-led exhibitions in the Graduate Show.  Our students’ works were selected to exhibit at PMQ and Eslite.



Graduation Projects: Jewellery, Materials & Design 

This module will prepare you to work professionally within your chosen field of practice. It will consolidate and extend your existing knowledge, experience and skills and utilise them to create a self-directed body of market-ready work.

The focus of this module is on the creative design process, to allow your professional practice to emerge. You will be expected to apply research methods in order to identify a focus. You will critically evaluate key stages of the design process generating your own set of design constraints. The module requires you to develop a personal research agenda and consequently, the SHU and SHAPE lecturers provide general and specialist project support and subject expertise in a professional working context. Group and individual tutorials, peer support within a creative studio, together with appropriate technical support in workshops and studios are central and fundamental to the process.






QF Level

QF Level : Level 5
QR Registration No. : 20/000505/L5
Validity Period : 01/09/2020 to 31/08/2026


Importance of choosing a non-local top-up with QF Level 5

  • Degree qualifications pitched at QF Level 5 are formally recognised by the HKSAR Government for employment purposes within the Civil Service for graduate posts.

Further Studies
  • Having been recognised at QF Level 5, this top-up degree programme meets the standard of locally-accredited bachelor's degree programmes.  Upon graduation, students can pursue their further studies at Master’s degree level in Hong Kong or Overseas.

Financial Assistance and Scholarships


Entry Requirements

Entry Requirement

Holders of Higher Diploma (HD) in Jewellery Design or related subject areas from recognised institutions 
  • VTC HD in Jewellery Design
  • VTC HD in Product Design (Jewellery)
  • VTC HD in Jewellery Design and Technology
  • VTC HD in Jewellery and Image Product Design


Holders of VTC Professional Diploma (PD) in Jewellery Design plus at least 2 years of relevant work experience.


  • Submission of an e-portfolio of work demonstrating creative or intellectual abilities. 
  • Applicants (without the above VTC qualifications and mature candidates with an equivalent qualification or working experience) will be invited to attend an interview to assess their suitability for the programme. 

English Proficiency Requirements

  • Applicants holding post-secondary qualifications (e.g. Higher Diploma, Associate Degree) taught and assessed in English from recognised institutions;


  • At least an overall IELTS score of 6.0, or equivalent.



Fees & Funding


  • Application Fee : HK$200 (No application fee before the deadline!)
  • Registration Fee : HK$3,500
  • Tuition Fee : HK$79,950 by 2 instalments
     (Deduct up to HK$33,740 via NMTSS)

The tuition fee is as low as HK$6,210 if you are eligible for NMTSS and receive SPSS Outstanding Performance Scholarship (OPS).
(i.e. Tuition Fee HK$79,950 - NMTSS HK$33,740 - OPS HK$40,000)

Eligible students for NMTSS only need to pay the tuition fee net of NMTSS. After admission, students with outstanding academic performance at sub-degree level will be nominated for OPS and the awardees will receive the scholarship around July/August next year. The disbursement of NMTSS and the award of OPS will be subject to the final approval by the Education Bureau (EDB).


A variety of attractive scholarships are available to current and graduating SHAPE students


"The programme was well coordinated and the learning facilities were advanced. The support from SHAPE was also incredible even during the pandemic. The study allowed me to turn my creativity into reality and enhanced my problem-solving skills. I also had the opportunity to present my works to the industry as well as professionals from overseas countries."

Yip Tsz Yan

BA (Hons) Jewellery, Material and Design

  • HKSAR Government Talent Development Scholarship


Financial Aids 
The following HKSAR Government financial assistance schemes are available to eligible students who pursue this programme at SHAPE:

Financial Assistance Schemes
Amount (HK$)
Non-means-tested Subsidy Scheme (NMTSS) Up to $33,740 per year 
Financial Assistance Scheme for Post-secondary Students (FASP)

 Up to $89,080
(Tuition fee grant)

Up to $8,620
(Academic expenses grant)

Up to 55,560
(Living expenses loan)


Non-means-tested Loan Scheme for Post-secondary Students (NLSPS)  Up to the annual tuition fees payable in the academic year

For details including eligibility and subsidy amount, please refer to the hyperlink of each scheme.



Career Prospects/ Further Studies

Career Prospects

This programme will address the aspirations of students who wish to set up professionally as a Jewellery designer maker, whilst developing key skills allowing graduates to pursue careers in related creative industries. This breadth of skills and knowledge reflects the needs of the industry and will provide you with a platform to challenge and enhance contemporary design practice. The programme aims to provide the industry with creative and imaginative designers who are able to understand and respond to the context of their work. For example, how it relates to existing and emerging technology and how it must also respond to wider issues such as lifestyle, contemporary culture, history, society, business and environmental concerns. 

Students will be encouraged to develop the means of staying abreast of these issues and to understand the importance of continual professional development beyond university and into employment.

You will create a distinctive portfolio of work that demonstrates your unique strengths to prospective employers in the jewellery industry, design and creative enterprise.



"The SHU jewellery design programme is an all-rounded interactive programme which incorporates theoretical studies and industrial-oriented practices. The programme has equipped me with creative thinking and professional design skills which are essential for developing my career in the jewellery industry."

Jennifer Ng

BA (Hons) Jewellery, Materials and Design

  • Jewellery Designer, Arte Madrid
  • Champion,19th Hong Kong Jewellery Design Competition (Student group)


Further Studies

Having been recognised at QF Level 5, this top-up degree programme meets the standard of locally-accredited bachelor's degree programmes.  Upon graduation, students can pursue their further studies at Master’s degree level in Hong Kong or Overseas.


Project Showcase/ Awards

Project Showcase



More photos of the Exhibition Tour

The Mystic Stone Jewellery & Accessorries Catwalk at K11 (2019) 


Student Awards

Student Award
Man Ka Yan HKSAR Government Talent Development Scholarship 2021-22
Tam Sin Ching HKSAR Government Talent Development Scholarship 2021-22
Yip Tsz Yan HKSAR Government Talent Development Scholarship 2021-22
Champion, 38th & 39th Hong Kong Watch & Clock Competition 




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Programme Coordinator

Mr. Alex Tsai

Tel. no.

3928 2829



General Enquiries

Mr. Red Tai

Tel. no.

3928 2484



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Connect with Sheffield Hallam Community

Registration No. : 252251. It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognise any qualification to which this course may lead.